About Me 

Hello, I'm Áine, a holistic therapist living and working in Limerick. My journey as a therapist began a number of years ago following a time of much change and growth in my life. Like many people I had taken a few wrong turns on life's path, but thankfully found my way back onto my true path and into a more holistic way of living. With this came my love of holistic therapies : )

I am qualified in a number of holistic therapies and over the past couple of years have treated many clients with a wide range of issues and conditions such as; back pain, migraine, PMS, allergies, sinusitis, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, COPD, oedema and arthritis.

As 75% of illness and disease is caused by stress, I place a strong emphasis on mental health and stress relief in all treatments. Likewise, no two people are the same and I tailor each treatment to the individual, working intuitively, to offer a holistic experience that caters to your specific needs. 

‘You cannot pour from an empty cup' and I have learned the importance of self-care, for me this means meditation, yoga, walks with my dog Holly, spending time in nature and with my loved ones, and receiving treatments from the wonderful group of therapists I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years.

The name The Enlightened Elephant -Holistic Therapy was inspired by my meditation practice and my time spent volunteering in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, both of which have had a beautiful and transformative impact on my life, both personally and professionally.

‘What is done in love is done well.' I feel very lucky to have found something that I enjoy doing and love so much. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to The Enlightened Elephant -Holistic Therapy.



~Diploma in Reflexology (ITEC)
(The Burren College of Complimentary Therapy)

~Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC)
(The Burren College of Complimentary Therapy)

~Diploma in Aromatherapy (ITEC)
(Golden Egg Holistic Centre)

~Diploma of Shiro-Abhyanga
(Satmya -Ayurvedic Learning Centre)

~Certificate in Hot Stone Massage
(Green Tara Holistic College)

~Certificate in Antenatal Reflexology
(Antenatal Reflexology Training Ireland)

~Certificate in Pregnancy Massage
(Golden Egg Holistic Centre)

~Certificate in Reflexology for Cancer Care
(Obus School of Healing Therapies)